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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sewing Zipper Pouches

Sewing is not my forte! I've always preferred hand stitching to the sewing machine and have a tendency to be intimidated by the process. I find it difficult to understand sewing patterns, being unfamiliar with the lingo and tools. I have been able to make curtains though, simple rectangles are ok, and I love batik fabrics. In previous posts I've mentioned that I don't use a purse, but I do carry one of these. I bought it on Etsy last summer to carry my checkbook and cell phone.  In fact, I asked the store owner to make me a smaller matching one for my license and cards. When it arrived, I started thinking about using up my scrap fabric and went online to Sew True and bought zippers to match my favorite fabric pieces.
So I pulled out the sewing machine and found the manual (I always need to re-learn how to thread it and wind a bobbin)! I found a few tutorials and my first attempt was a failure (sort of like my pancakes). My husband suggested that I find more tutorials (or take sewing lessons) and I found this one to be the best - See Kate Sew. The instructions are clear and include a step that the first tutorial didn't - top stitching. It adds a professional look (not so much on mine), and makes it so the inner lining doesn't get caught in the zipper. I was so excited at how these turned out that I headed back to Ben Franklin for little ribbon for zipper pulls, more zippers and even bought a few fat quarters! Thank you Kate for getting me excited to sew!