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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Switching over to Tea! - a quest for tasty morning caffeine

We've been enjoying teas lately, usually in the afternoon or evening.  We have a small stainless steel thermos that we fill up with herbal tea and take on hikes and my husband takes it to work. Several years ago, I was introduced to Earl Grey (the British way) by a co-worker from England and it's become my favorite go to beverage for a mid-afternoon pick me up. So now we're interested in changing up our morning ritual. We're hard core coffee drinkers - buy whole beans and grind every morning, then use a cloth Melitta filter the old fashioned way. I have my preferences when it comes to coffee and buy from a local, small batch roaster, Dead River Coffee.  I've been a loyal customer since they opened, but now I'm ready for a change.
For tea, we've always made just a cup or two at a time as I don't have a proper teapot - until now that is! I'm so excited - I just ordered one from my favorite tea purveyor, Mountain Rose Herbs. I really don't know the difference between Oolong, Darjeeling or English Breakfast, so I ordered some of each!  Had to try a few more herbal recipes too and chose a Chai and a night time, sleep enhancing tea called Fidnemed Nighttime Tea. Fidnemed is an old Irish term meaning a sacred and quiet forest grove.  The tea contains organic Lemon Balm, organic Hibiscus flowers, organic Skullcap, organic Passionflower, organic Hops flowers, organic Valerian root and organic Lavender flowers.  I'll report back on my favorites in a few weeks!  Happy sipping!

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