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Monday, December 6, 2010

Making my own skin care products

I became inspired this weekend while visiting a new friend. She makes her own face creams using recipes from the book Organic Body Care Recipes, and supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. So I've ordered the book and am putting together my shopping cart - can't wait to start concocting! Hey, it involves cooking, good smells, and will save me tons of money. I've already started with a cleanser and exfoliator that's just ground almonds (almond meal) and a dab of yogurt. Things I always have on hand and it works great. Next, on to a cocoa butter lotion with sweet orange oil. Really need the moisture in this cold climate!


  1. Awesome idea! In the summer you'll have to try a sugar scrub to exfoliate away your winter skin!

  2. Used yogurt and almond meal as a body scrub yesterday, left my skin soft and not dry at all! The lactic acid in yogurt dissolves surface dead skin cells and almond meal gently exfoliates. Almond meal also has softening fats and both have gentle bleaching agents that help even skin tone. I've been doing some reading! Sugar sounds good too - natural glycolic acids, exfoliates on a chemical level as well as abrasion. Shouldn't be used on the face though.