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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring 2014 in Marquette

It was a long, cold winter this year.  I don't remember ice on the lake in June since 1997, and then it was just a little.  I didn't take this photograph, but it's taken at the end of my street, and yes, it was taken May 31st! Walked along the waters edge at Wetmore Landing today and after a while my feet got acclimated and didn't hurt anymore.
It's a wonderful time of year here as things just start to burst into life again. My bleeding heart flowers popped overnight, lilacs will be opening in a few days and we had a thunderstorm today, just after planting some of the vegetable garden.  It was so hot yesterday that we had to stop planting and rest in the shade (I'm not complaining though).
Looking forward to fresh food from the garden this summer and filling the pantry with green & wax beans, carrots, tomatoes & beets.  Will post pictures as soon as the seeds come up!

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