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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sailing with the Tall Ships

Had the pleasure of sailing with Pride of Baltimore II, Lynx and Coaster II this weekend.  The history of Pride of Baltimore is quite interesting. I found this great site that explains the tragic story of the original Pride of Baltimore that was built in 1977 and sank in 1986. Pride of Baltimore.  This ship, Pride II was commissioned in 1988 as a sailing memorial to the original Pride.  The ship has a special meaning to us as several years ago my in-laws gave us a framed photograph of the original Pride of Baltimore sailing with Wander Bird near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Wander Bird itself has a fascinating story and has special meaning to my husband who watched her undergo an extensive renovation in Sausalito, CA.  Here's a short article that summarizes the story, The Bird has Flown.
Top photo taken near the Marquette break wall, July 23, 2011.  Bottom photo is Wander Bird and may well have been taken the same day as the picture in our living room.

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