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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silver Rae: worth the time to find.

So, I was on my home from a road trip and didn't need to be home for awhile. I was already about 15 minutes down the road (of a two hour trip), when I tried a trick my son taught me. Text "bead store" and the zip code to 466453 (Google) and hit send. A few seconds later an incoming text provided me with the name "Silver Rae" and the address and phone number. I called - by now I was on a mission and pulled off the side of the road. The store was open and I turned around!
It was a little hard to find, not having a store front, but a well placed sandwich sign on the sidewalk guided me to the second floor rooms where the beads awaited. Ah, a new selection of stones I'd never heard of! Kambaba jasper, Artistic jasper and gorgeous specimens of Rhyolite beads.
I spent a few hours pouring over the treasures and left a happy beader indeed. Found out that the store is officially open just one day a week, the day I happened to turn around. Kismet?

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  1. I was in Boulder, CO recently and I said to my family, "First person to find a bead store wins a prize." And then, a bead store appeared before us. So fun! I love finding beads in new places.